Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There is a Place and a Time

I have a small group of "green" ladies at work. I love chatting with them about organic foods or the latest discovery of a nasty chemical that is added to processed foods. However, there is a place and time to have these types of conversations. This week, I learned this lesson the hard way. Let me tell you about my experience.

I am currently working a team made up of a few men who are 40 years old and older. We have a pretty good team dynamic and have been working well together. During one meeting, we got on the topic of soft drinks (pop, soda, whatever you call it). As usual, I got on my soap box about the nasty ingredients in soft drinks, especially in diet soft drinks. The team knows that I eat organic and shop at Whole Foods, so it should not have been a surprise that I have an opinion about the health hazards of soft drinks. A few minutes into this discussion, and I was being told that they hope I continue this "excitement" about healthy living as I get older, followed by laughing.

What is this supposed to mean?!?

This is not some fad that I'm going through, this is a complete change. Obviously, I haven't gotten the point across that this is my lifestyle now.

Did they put me down because I am younger and therefore, not as "wise?"

I might not be as wise about life in general because I am younger, but I bet I know a whole lot more about healthy, green, and eco-friendly living.  I am going to try not to take this personal. I am going to take this as a challenge to get my point across better and know when to keep my mouth shut.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! Let me tell you..I wish I had started organic and whole foods when I was aLOT younger. It would make old habits much less hard to change!! Keep it up and here's to health!
Colleen at Glad to see you drop by today!

WhyWeLoveGreen said...

That's too bad that they aren't watching out for their own health in what they eat. Good for you for making a real change! So happy to meet another green/ natural blogger! I'm now following you back from

Unknown said...

Ladies - thank you for the motivation! I always wish that I changed my lifestyle earlier, but I am very grateful to have done it now so I can make great impacts during the future.

Theresa said...

Keep up the good work. Maybe if we'd started a greener way of living before now, there wouldn't be as many environmental type cancers.

Chatter From Texas
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Unknown said...

Theresa - thank you for stopping by and for your kind words!

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