Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pine Cone Gift Decoration

I am officially in gift giving mode!  With my husband's side of the family, the Thanksgiving weekend is a time of exchanging gift lists and then shopping for those gifts.  Several gifts have been bought and I am thinking of eco-friendly ways to wrap them.

My recent post about pine cone decoration was well received by my Twitter and #CTWW followers.  I must admit that I am going a little crazy about the pine cones.  I am now Googling pine cone gift decorations!  (Off Note: My husband thinks I've gone off the deep end and should just drop the whole pine cone theme.)

The Country Living website offers creative ideas for decorating with pine cones.  My favorite is the pine cone gift wrap.  Instead of using the standard-issue bow, you string one or two pine cones on top.  You can even spray paint or brush paint them with your favorite holiday color. All year long, I have been saving the brown/beige paper that is used to wrap fragile items. I will use the paper to wrap some of the gifts and will attach one or two pine cones with a name tag at the end of ribbon.  

>> How do you incorporate eco-friendly themes into your gift wrapping?


Becky Davis said...

following you from he super stalker Sunday.
Dutch Girls Favorite Things

Kichi said...

Follow you from Super Stalker.

I collect beautiful calendar pages and craft to make paper bags.
The gifts are then pack up wonderfully and can be decorated as desired.

Unknown said...

Can one have too many pine cone decorations??? I think not!! :-) You are providing me with so many great ideas ... I love it!

Unknown said...

Dutch Girl - Thanks for following! I am hopping back over to you!

Kichi - great idea about the calendar pages. I try to save pretty flyers or reuse holiday cards to make name tags for gifts.

Small Footprints - NO! You can NEVER have enough pine cones, or acorns for that matter :)

Elena said...

what a great idea!

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