Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back at 2011

This blog originally started as a place for me to post about giveaways I entered to gain a few more entries. I had plans to officially kick-off the blog sometime in the future. Well, the future was this year! I have greatly enjoyed sharing my personal eco-friendly adventures and new eco-friendly products with my readers. Here are my accomplishments for the past 5 months (I started blogging in August).
  1. Started blogging, officially.
  2. Hosted 2 sponsored giveaways.
  3. Reviewed several products.
  4. Gained more followers on GFC, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
  5. Connected with other bloggers who have the same interests.

My top 5 posts for 2011
  1. Challenge Results: Vegetarian Thanksgiving - I never though that this post would become so popular.
  2. Green Motivation Monday - Taste the Season
  3. Preparing for Eco-Friendly Adventures in Babysitting
  4. Happy Turkey Day
  5. Winterize Your Home - Heating
Thank you to all of my wonderful readers and faithful followers! I am learning as much from you as I hope you are learning from me. I am truly blessed! I look forward to 2012 and all that the new year will bring!


Anonymous said...

You have such a knack for blogging so I'm glad you started blogging sooner rather than later. May 2012 be an even better year for you!

Sarah said...

I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award :)

everyday products and more said...

Happy new Year newest follower look forward to reading your posts

Unknown said...

Ladies - you are all too sweet! Thank you for your kind words and your support!

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies said...

It's funny how many of us started out with blogs meant to get extra giveaway entries! And it's amazing to see how our blogs have evolved since then. :) I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope 2012 is a great year for you!

Unknown said...

Keeka - so true! I have read the same story on many other blogs. I hope 2012 is great for all of us!

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