Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Random Acts of Kindness

Imagine being the parent of a 10 month old baby who is told he would not live past the age of 1 because of spinal muscular atrophy type I. The baby grows up to become a teenager, 14 years old, but is left with no movements in his body. Lucas Hoelscher is this teenager, part of triplet sons, can only communicate through eye movements and sounds. Because his day is so routine, he enjoys being read to, which helps in dealing with a difficult disease.

Lucas's wish for the holiday is mail! From anyone, near and far. From you!

Lucas Hoelscher
3092 Wyandot Drive
Springfield, Ohio 45502

What a perfect way to perform random acts of kindness during the holiday season. Send a card, a letter, or some of your child's artwork!

You can also join Lucas's Facebook group, Letters for Lucas, if you prefer to communicate digitally.

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