Saturday, January 30, 2016

How to Fill Up Wall Space [ad]

One of the exciting things about moving into a new house is determining how to turn an empty house in a home for your family. Furniture, window fixings, and decor are all options for making a house more personalized. Between area rugs, comfy pillows, floral arrangements, and plants, it doesn't take long before any space starts to look lived in and beautiful. 

However, there is one space that many people struggle to fill. It's a space in every single room and while many people experiment, it doesn't always turn out right. This particular space is the wall. Walls are in every single room of a house and they're very important to the structure. However, many people don't know how to effectively decorate them. Consider these ideas to fill up wall space and create a beautiful living environment. 

1. Mirrors
Mirrors are interesting pieces to add to a wall. Think of mirrors as picture frames with real-time subjects. When most people see a mirror, they gravitate toward it so they can see their reflection. Mirrors are available everywhere from consignment shops and thrift stores to department stores and antique shops. 

2. Murals 
Mural wallpaper gives a sense of elegance to any room they hang in. When many people think of murals, they often think of museums or really uptight boutiques with tons of breakable items. Murals are a beautiful way to transform the walls in a home. Because they are often so ornate and beautiful, a person can use the mural as the main decor and keep everything else in the room monochromatic. Mural Sources sells tons of different mural pieces at a variety of price ranges. There are also lots of different scenes to choose from include ones with an American emphasis and others with a European or Caribbean emphasis. 

3. Paint 
Paint is often the go-to source for many people. It really can make a huge difference when it is used on walls. When dealing with paint, it is important to choose the right color to evoke the desired ambiance. A trend that's growing in popularity is the statement wall. The statement wall is one wall with a strong color pop to really stand as the accent in the room. Many people choose a daring color for the accent wall and then work around it. For a bold statement, some great choices for the accent wall include cobalt blue, sunflower yellow, brick red, charcoal gray and deep plum. 

These ideas are enough to get any person started on their project of filling the walls. With a few picture frames, creativity and dedication, the wall spaces will completely turn a house into a home.

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