Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Smoothest Coffee from 100% Organic Coffee Co. [Review]

Coffee! How I love thee! Let me count the ways. Oh wait, there are too many to count. Having coffee is one of the highlights of my mornings. My husband and I are addicted to coffee. We roast organic green coffee beans and we grind our own coffee. Although we would love to have all of the time in the world to brew the perfect cup of coffee, life with a baby does not allow that most of the time. The baby needs to be fed and changed, parents come to visit and we do not have roasted/ground coffee, or we need coffee ASAP. This is when we reach for ground coffee ready for brewing. My newest discovery, Organic Coffee Co. offers organic, high quality, flavorful, and smooth coffee to meet all of your coffee needs.

Organic Coffee Co.       
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Smooth and flavorful

I hope that the introduction to this post made it evident that my family really enjoys drinking coffee. Honestly, we are coffee snobs. A cup of coffee has to taste delicious, smooth, and flavorful. On the weekend, my husband brews coffee in the auto drip coffee maker. During the week, I brew 1-2 cups in the French press coffee maker.

I received six Organic Coffee Company 100% organic coffees to review:
  1. French Roast
  2. Breakfast Blend
  3. Gorilla Decaf
  4. Hurricane Espresso
  5. Java Love
  6. Zen Blend
The smallest reviewer (the baby) in this house helped me select Java Love as coffee to brew. I put the kettle on the stove, opened the package of 100% organic Java Love, and smelled the wonderful aroma. Java Love is an exotic and syrupy (think thick and yummy) blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees. After the coffee "brewed" for 10 minutes in the French press, it was time to taste. I took a sip of the black coffee. My immediate reaction was, "Wow! This is really good and smooth coffee!"

I tend to prefer coffee made in the auto drip coffee maker because I feel the French press results in less filtered coffee and thus not as smooth. However, the Organic Coffee Co. Java Blend was surprisingly smooth. I added grass-fed half and half and sat down to enjoy my morning coffee while the baby played next to me.

After trying several of the other blends, I am very impressed with the flavor profile and smoothness of Organic Coffee Co. coffees. I will be purchasing this coffee to add to the pantry and will make it part of our coffee repertoire. If you are searching for 100% organic, flavorful, and smooth coffee, look to Organic Coffee Co. The Organic Coffee Co. is part of the Rogers Family Company, which is one of the nation's few remaining family owned, gourmet coffee roasters.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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