Monday, February 24, 2014

Keeping the Trash in the Trashcan [#CTWW]

This week's challenge:

week, pick up litter and dispose of it properly. As you go through your day, pay attention to the area and clean as you go. You might see trash as you walk between your car and your office. Perhaps you'll see plastic bags, etc. in the parking lot of a market. If you enjoy nature walks, browse the side of the trail. Get your kids involved and take litter walks or organize a neighborhood cleanup of a local park. The idea, this week, is to rid the area of litter!

An overfilled recycling box is open to the elements, like wind, that can blow paper and small containers out and down the street. Therefore, I
 would assume that moving from recycling boxes to recycling bins with lids with reduce the amount of trash that litters the yards on our street. Nope! On every run and every walk, I spot at least one piece of trash in several of the neighboring yards. I assume (hopefully correctly this time) that the trash escapes in between the worker picking up the recycling bin and the contents being emptied into the garbage truck. I also suspect that trash, usually empty cans, gets thrown out of cars that drive down the street. We live in a nice, mature neighborhood, so trash in the yards is not something I expect to see. Therefore, I have formulated a simple plan.

With the warmer weather, I will be getting outside more with the baby. We will bring a bag with us and collect any trash and litter we see in our neighbors' yards. We will then appropriately dispose of it by recycling, trashing, or composting (I have found a whole orange in our front yard before!). Change the World Wednesday challenges us to be the small change that collectively results in bigger changes. The baby and I will the small change to clean up our street. As he becomes older and starts to communicate more, I will ask him to help me find stray trash in our neighbors' yards. This will be a great way to make a positive impact and educate about taking care of the environment and the Earth.

>> How do you keep the trash in the trashcan??

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