Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mama Adventures: Teaching a Cloth Diaper Class

I have been writing about toddler adventures here and there to share with you what my toddler gets into. Now, it's time for mama to write about her adventures! Switching from long hours at the office, wearing suits and heels, going to happy hours with coworkers afterwards to comfy yoga pants, playing legos, and cleaning up after a 2 year old seem like night and day. This year, I am focused on defining myself as more than a mom. Yes, I am a mom and I am proud of it. But, I am also Katie and I have hobbies and needs that go beyond being a parent.

I started off 2015 with an open mind. My goal was to take opportunities that came my way. Not everyone opportunity, but ones that fit with my interests. When a local breastfeeding and cloth diaper store was looking for a volunteer to teach their Cloth Diapers 101 class, I responded!

I have been using cloth diapers for almost two years, so I have experience under my belt. Stink issues and stains prompted research on the best cleaning methods, so I have some knowledge about those also. During my professional, working days, I did a lot of presentations to groups of people. I engaged and interacted with people in a group setting. The cloth diapering class seems like a fitting opportunity.

Mama's adventure teaching a class starts this weekend!

>> If you had to go back to your pre-cloth diapering days, what would you tell yourself??

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