Monday, November 7, 2011

Challenge Results: One Day as a Vegan - Menu Plan [#CTWW]

This week's Change the World Wednesday challenge consisted of eating vegan for one day.  I had a great menu plan for Sunday.  Here are the results:

Breakfast: Banana and Peanut Butter Oatmeal
My thoughts: Delicious recipe!  I substituted Trader Joe's Crunchy Almond Butter with Flax Seed.  The mashed banana gave the plain oatmeal a great flavor.
His thoughts: Husband approved!  Sweet enough that he would not need to add sugar.

Lunch: Chipotle Veggie Bowl
My thoughts: Chipotle makes awesome grilled veggies.  I did not miss the chicken that I usually get.  I passed on the sour cream and cheese and got guacamole.
His thoughts: Husband did not join me on this challenge for lunch.  Although, he loves Chipotle!

Snacks: I usually eat dried fruit, nuts, and fruit for snacks.  However, once in a while, I will sneak in chocolate, candy, and other sweats.  I came back from the grocery store ready for a snack and went straight for chocolate and a cookie.  And then I remember the challenge!  Fail!

Dinner: Black Bean and Avocado Quesadilla
My thoughts: The recipe was great! I love the guacamole inside.  I sauteed onions and green peppers in olive oil and also added it inside the quesadilla.  Chili powder and cumin were mixed in with the beans.  I did not add cheese to my quesadillas.
His thoughts: Husband had cheese and sour cream on his quesadillas, but did not even notice that he was eating vegetarian.  Success!

Summary:  Although I did not stick to the vegan menu plan 100% and my husband did not join me 100% on this challenge, we still made a small impact on the environment by avoiding meat at every meal.  I like the challenge of making vegetarian and vegan recipes, so I will try to incorporate on vegan meal per week.

Whether you eat vegan for one day or for one meal, you should be proud of yourself. Most times, it is difficult to get our spouses and families to make the change, but sometimes, you can sneak in a little here and there, and they will not know at all.

* "His thoughts" are brought to you by my (sometimes) unsuspecting and unwilling husband. 


Unknown said...

Wow ... nicely done! When I first became vegan, I wasn't in the habit of reading labels so I'm sure that some animal products snuck in ... that, and I wasn't aware that products like casein, gelatin, and "natural flavors" are actually animal by-products. I think that you did a fabulous job! I read, once, that eating just one meatless meal a week can save a LOT of water (not to mention other natural resources used in the production of animal-based foods). So I'd say that you succeeded ... and if you work some vegetarian/vegan meals into your weekly diet ... you'll be reducing your carbon footprint significantly ... you'll also be doing a nice thing for your health! Very well done, my friend! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the challenge and opening up my eyes. I always had a certain perception that eating vegan is hard, but it's only a little bit o a change from vegetarian!

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Great and important choice!!!! I like this post!
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a day of good eating! I notice that vegan meals are pretty much effortless if I'm eating or cooking a cuisine that doesn't use dairy. Many Chinese, Thai, and Ethiopian dishes that are vegetarian are also vegan, and I never miss the dairy. Extra incentive to get creative and try new foods. :-)

Unknown said...

noteasytobegreen - Yes! Thai dishes are usually vegan because they use coconut milk. We love to make Red, Green, Massaman, and Panang Curries. I will need to stock up on those!

Anonymous said...

Your body will thank you for your decision on one vegan meal a week! And that should be easy to get your husband to eat with you! Coconut Curries and Thai food comes to mind...along with a variety of soups and stews just right for winter! Check out my vibrantly vegan section of my blog.

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